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True Intentions Inc. is founded and directed by Mr. Brian Matsudo. As Mr. Matsudo embarked on a mission to spread healing through massage, he noticed that there seemed to be certain communities that were not exposed to the healing abilities that massage can provide. The need to share massage with the communities of the disabled and disadvantaged became a focus point in his mission.

The realization that anyone can be trained in massage even if challenged, led to the creation of the massage program of True Intentions. Since the inception of the program, the training classes have spread to other industries as well. This development brought forth a new window of opportunity for challenged individuals and have reinforced the program’s goals. To introduce, train, mentor and employ individuals within the communities of the disabled and disadvantaged is the mission of True Intentions Inc.

During this start up phase as a nonprofit 501c3 organization, the immediate venture is to seek funding in order to reach out to these communities and enrolling eligible individuals into the massage program and having each individual reach the goal of becoming a professional licensed massage therapist.

Understanding that everyone is individually unique thus carefully training them as an individual and not by the challenges that they may have is what will set the massage program of True Intentions apart from any other program. The mission does not stop once the goal of becoming a licensed massage therapist has been reached because it is the ultimate goal to employ every successful student.

It is in the very near future that challenged individuals will be professional licensed massage therapists that are competitive and will also educate the general population to know that everyone has the ability to deliver healing through the world of massage.