Our History

True Intentions Inc. began in 2011 as a start up nonprofit 501c3 organization and since the beginning of True Intentions it has presented the vision and mission of the special massage program for disabled and disadvantaged communities to the State Department of Rehabilitation as well as other nonprofit organizations.

The massage program has been exposed and demonstrated then tested by many individuals who have disabilities and has shown great promise.

At the moment the greatest milestone True Intentions has is having 2 students who are visually impaired. They both are in the massage program pursuing different goals. One of the individuals is enrolled as a student and is going to become a professional massage therapist for which the special massage program is designed to do.

The other student is actually a licensed massage therapist of 12 years and had lost some of his endeavors due to lack of current massage modalities and the progression of massage therapy over the years. He now is employed by True Intentions and being trained by True Intentions to become a professional vocational instructor for the massage program of True Intentions.

Both are excelling in the program of True Intentions and are reaching the goals they have set for themselves.

Ho’ opono State Department for the blind and True Intentions has agreed to have 3 visually impaired students be a part of a 2012 summer training program where the student will be exposed to the professional setting of a massage establishment and the profession of massage.

This will give the students the experience of just one of many avenues to pursue when becoming a professional massage therapist. All 3 disabled students have a strong interest in enrolling in the massage program of True Intentions and it is in the plans that they will start early in the year of 2013.