The entire massage program put together by True Intentions is based off of the foundation of a massage program in place at Elite Massage Academy. Elite Massage Academy has a vocational massage program licensed by the State Department of Education. True Intentions will use the experience and expertise of the instructors that are also licensed by the State Department of Education to ensure this specific massage program has everything it needs to be successful in reaching all of the mentioned goals.

Another key point in reaching the goals that are set in the mission is the individuals that are on the Board of Directors. Leading the way as president is Marylou Clizbe who has 17 years of success within the nonprofit world as Executive Director of Insights to Success. Her presence in the nonprofit world has not gone unrecognized as she has been named “Woman of the Year” 2011 / 2012 by The National Association of Professional Women. Marylou has expressed a strong compassionate energy that has been very positive in the ground work of the organization as she also works with the same communities.

Dennis Bunda who is a SCORE counselor for the Small Business Association brings his expertise as the Secretary / Treasure of True Intentions. Dennis also has many years of experience in the nonprofit world and has been very instrumental in the over all vision of the venture. With the combined experience, insight and knowledge True Intentions looks to a bright future in the years to come.