In these hard economic times the term equal opportunity is hard to come by and as a challenged individual it is even harder.

True Intentions is focused to see that the communities of the disabled and disadvantaged have the best resources, training and mentoring within the professional world of massage.

At the moment there are no massage training programs focused to ensure that individuals with challenges get the proper attention and guidance to be competitive within the massage industry. This is why True Intentions has a program that will look to enroll 12 individuals that are considered challenged within the first year and have at least 10 of those students within the communities of the disabled and disadvantaged reach the goals of becoming professional licensed massage therapists.

In addition to the goal of having students become massage therapists, True Intentions is also very excited to offer training to individuals that will go on to become instructors! This massage program is something that has not been focused on within the minds of challenged individuals because of the fact there was never a program that will focus on their individuals needs. There are massage schools and program for the general population but it is a keep up or fall behind program that will never reach out to be specific in addressing the needs of challenged individuals.

To complete the vision and venture of True Intentions there will be employment for each individual that becomes licensed. Massage establishments will be established by True Intentions in order to give all of the successful students a place to start their career within the world of massage. This is necessary to fully serve the communities of the disabled and disadvantaged and not fall short of completing the mission of employment.