Social Impact and Return

The immediate goal for this venture would have about 12 qualified individuals within the communities of the disabled and disadvantaged complete the massage program True Intentions has in place within the first year.

The next step will be to have 80% of the students pass the Hawaii State Exam for massage therapy during this same year. Once these students become licensed massage therapists, it will be the final goal to create employment for each individual. Some of them will become entrepreneurs and some will work for a massage establishment.

99% of the successful students reaching the goal of becoming licensed will be employed. Once employed there is also a plan to go back to the vision of offering services to the disabled and disadvantaged communities. Care homes, individuals that are bound to wheelchairs, and people who have physical and mental challenges are just some of the population of people who are in need of massage and are not receiving it because the general population does not reach out to them in a selfless serving way.